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Lack of Trust in Your Data

Watch our video about Data Distrust, the most common reason your tech stack needs help. 


I want to talk to you today about the signs that you need a tech stack audit and the first signs that we can talk about is data distrust say this is the most common sign that your tech stack needs nothing it's the most common setting we see on the signs that there is dated distrust is the first is reporting so you'll find that people don't trust the report in the system so they start exporting that information creating their own reporting templates most commonly using spreadsheet like excel then you find people duplicating those tasks because other members of the organisation might need the same report but it's not being shared so you have this duplication of process you may also find there are tools in your tax stack but you might not even be aware of but someone who's got away an added that into the tech stacks because they're trying to solve a problem that the current system isn't solving for them and all of that then starts to build up tax debt as well tide into this it's frustrated stuff so when members of your team are trying to do their job trying to make decisions that trying to get insight is there not able to do that it causes frustration and it also means that your marketing installed because of this lack of data so what's the impact of all of this when people are doing their own reporting then you know they're exporting data that can lead to compliance issues which can be very serious any organisation people are not happy So what do they do they leave so having a high staff turnover which is inefficient and costly people leave and they take all that knowledge so that's no good for anyone in addition to all of the inefficiency created by reporting and all of these things there is an opportunity cost but people could be doing other parts of their job they could be driving the business forward and they're not so that is quite a severe impact So what can you do about it the first thing you can do is look at your tech stack look at the overall picture get a piece of paper draw out what happening which tools you have how they are integrated is there not integrated what is working what isn't what is duplicated so those are the things you can do also if you need any help I run and ask me anything session on a Tuesday afternoon which you can book him on the homepage or there's plenty of content on the which can help you as well and we also have a free tech stack audit offer if you'd like to register for that details are on the website

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