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One of the leading Accountancy firms on the South Coast, Plus Accounting, reveals the adoption of new business automation systems is saving hundreds of non-billable hours. Designed and launched in April 2021, the new system automates their new business process and client onboarding processes. Prior to the new system being implemented, manual time was spent chasing lead information, setting up meetings and sending proposals. The Accountants on the Business Services team now save on average 30 hours per month on admin and repetitive tasks. In addition, the time it takes to convert leads has dropped from 10 days to five.

Since the system went live in April 2021 it has been extended to the Personal Tax and Corporate Teams and has saved a total 780 hours of billable time.  The investment in the new system has provided a 580% return on investment.

The latest time record set for receiving a lead, qualifying, providing a proposal through to signature is now at 45 minutes!

Updated 8th November 2022

What did we do?

Plus Accounting worked closely Bright Dials, to create the strategy to save time and money, increase transparency, and speed up their client registration process. 

Once the design was complete, Bright Dials built out the system using a combination of tools including ActiveCampaign, Calendly, Pandadocs, and Gsuite with Integromat connecting it all together. 

This revolutionary new process starts by gathering digital lead information, ensuring quality and accuracy. It is immediately entered into the CRM for tracking and providing reporting transparency.

Leads are encouraged to sign up for an appointment using Calendly, and the team is encouraged to follow up as quickly as possible. A Deal is automatically created and once the conversation has taken place, with the click of a button, a proposal is automatically generated and sent out to the client for signature. 

 On signing, the client enters a registration process which creates a bespoke tracking document enabling the Client Onboarding Manager to register the client quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved data accuracy to speed up lead conversion process
  • Transparency on new business to enable better marketing and planning
  • Overall reduction in lead conversion time in turn improving the overall leads won
  • Smoother client onboarding creating a better experience
  • Consistent communication with professional proposals sent every time
  • Huge time saving in admin time with it spent on billable hours instead

For more information, please read our case study on the link here.

Paul Feist, Managing Director, Plus Accounting: “Since completing the work with Bright Dials, we save hundreds of hours every month using ActiveCampaign. The team embraces it because it increases the number of inquiries and we take more advantage of opportunities that might otherwise slip past. This new system has proved to be great value for money.” – Paul Feist, Managing Director, Plus Accounting”

Lindsey Pickles, Founder Bright Dials: “This has been a great project to be involved in. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to make the business process simple by using robots to do the mundane, giving the humans time back to spend on work or fun stuff”

Do you need help improving your business process? Want to reduce the time and money you spend on admin? Then book in for a free consultation call so we can understand your needs and guide you in the right direction.