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Automation is about efficiency, about freeing you from the mundane and the tedious so that you can focus on what’s really important. Just look at what we did for PLATF9RM.

Based in Brighton, PLATF9RM offers workspaces and private offices for a wide range of members across two distinct contemporary locations. It’s modern coworking for the modern business, allowing the free flow of ideas and inspiration. Their spaces are stunning, and well worth a look if you’re local. 

PLATF9RM has grown rapidly over the last two years, but like many small companies their enquiry processes were manual and they had outgrown their CRM. We refer to this as The Patchwork, and it meant that staff were spending time in the office instead of with their customers. 

Outgrown your CRM? Download our How to Choose a CRM Guide

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We worked with Emilie and her team at PLATF9RM to implement self service and calendar sync. Anyone who wants to book in for a tour or trial day can now make bookings via the website that are automatically added to the company calendar. Any booking can be adjusted online, at the booker’s convenience, without input from staff or emails back and forth. The end result? The PLATF9RM team can spend more time with their Members, creating a better customer experience and a better community. Everyone wins. 

This is the heart of the Bright Dials approach – we make you more efficient. We make your company the best version of itself. Bright Dials takes the time to understand your needs and your business. We offer specialist marketing automation advice, tailored precisely to you. 

How can we help? Simple. We can:

  • craft a discovery document outlining a bespoke marketing automation strategy
  • offer cost-effective recommendations to suit your specific business needs
  • implement the tools we identify, and integrate them seamlessly into your workflow
  • provide training and support for your staff, or take on your marketing campaigns completely

We’re Brighton’s local marketing automation agency, and can pop round exactly when you need help. Plus we’re Sharpspring Gold Verified, so you can trust our results, just like PLATF9RM did. 

If you’re ready to free up some time book a free 45-minute consultation with us, and let’s talk about how we can help your business.

For more information on marketing automation, follow us on Twitter and say hello!