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20th March 2020

So, life was complicated enough before Covid-19 hit us with full force, and the layers of mayhem continue to build. 

However, we at Bright Dials are still at our keyboards, working, helping our clients, and going live with new projects. We are incredibly fortunate to have the ability to work remotely.

In our opinion, we’re not quite in the eye of the storm, nor have we reached the point where the layers of mayhem will go no higher. But when we are, we will all have more certainty about where we go. 

Until then, we need to remain positive, be agile in our thinking, and use this time as efficiently as possible. The only way to handle this situation is to take each day as it comes, and to stay strong. 

Many people are considering how to deliver their products and services digitally – us included. But now we have virtual presentations and workshops on the horizon. These ideas would not have happened without Covid-19, or they would certainly have been on the back burner. 

Once the eye has passed, this will be the ideal time to take a step back from the day-to-day and have a proper think. 

We spend so much time simply “responding” to work tasks, but during this set-back, we are already seeing new opportunities, ways to create new ideas, build better business models, and improve our ways of working.

Once the layers of mayhem have reduced, let’s work together to see how to make your business more efficient, automated and effective, to ensure we come out of this fighting and stronger than ever before. 

Wishing you and yours all the very best.

The Bright Dials team