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Using analytics as part of your digital marketing is extremely important to understand customer behaviour and optimise your channels.  Take a look at our infographic to see 9 reasons why you can’t afford to ignore your marketing data.

Customer Analytics

Using analytics can help you understand what motivates customers to come to your site, this gives you insights to  optimise against and drive more traffic.  Once they are on your site, you can identify which of your customers are converting the best against your objectives, be they email registrations, lead generation, video views or purchasing.  You can then assess which channels and marketing are driving the best customers and further refine your marketing strategy.

Optimisation and Conversion

The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to test different landing pages, websites or marketing creatives.  You can change a colour or a font or even a word, throw some traffic against it and then work with the version which converts better.  You can then test the best version with further testing to further improve the conversion.  This is called A/B Testing and is ongoing process of continual refinement to keep boosting your conversion rate optimisation to hit your objectives.  Marketers across every discipline will have stories about clients “who don’t like this advertising creative or content because of the colour/layout/image* (*delete as appropriate) but our experience shows you need to let the market decide.  It really is very hard to predict which page will work best, and it may not be our first preference (or our clients) but if more people click on the page, then let the data make the decision.

Identifying Problems

The more you look at your data, the more familiar you will become with the numbers and the more easily you will notice issues when they arise.   For example, you will (hopefully!) know what your lead conversion rate is, if you see a big jump in page traffic without the respective leads, you know to investigate the lead process and try to find out where the drop off is happening.

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9 Reasons to Invest in Analytics Infographic