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We really love Pipedrive as a tool mainly becuase it’s done such a great job of making its interface simple. As Steve Jobs once said: 

“Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Which is why Pipedrive is so popular and has over 90K customers – and counting. As the name would suggest, the focus of the tool is for handling your sales pipeline, but it’s possible to hack this for operational usage too. Because of the size of its user base, it has many integrations  with other software providers but so let’s dig into the specifics.

1 – Data is really easy to upload

Pipedrive makes uploading data really easy. As with any upload, if you get your headers correctly labelled to align with what’s in Pipedrive, it will map them over automatically. This saves you the job of connecting each one individually – a painful process if you have lots of different fields. 

But what’s absolutely brilliant about Pipedrive is that, if you find that the data hasn’t imported properly or you experience other issues, you have 48 hours to reverse the upload and correct the data. Giving you much more flexibility and less fear when you press the import button.

2 – Filter View

It’s really easy to create filters to view and report your data in Pipedrive. You can view your Deals, People or Organisations based on any data field you have, and then save this for future use. 

Not only does this make your specific reporting easy to see and download, you can also create automations using the filter you have created.

3 – Email and Calendar Sync

It is essential for any tool to have an email sync – allowing you to connect your emails against the lead, organisation or deal you’re working on with them. This means anyone in your organisation can see who has said what, and when. 

Some people get creeped out by this, but it’s important to remember you can control the settings on the emails you share. Plus it only share emails on the leads you have in the platform, so as long as your partner, Mum or kids aren’t in there, your colleagues won’t see their emails, phew! The Calendar Sync is also a very useful feature, particularly if you want to connect your Activities which you can tailor for your specific follow ups. 

These are tasks in Pipedrive which you can customise and view as a list or in calendar view. Again, a very helpful way to share the knowledge.

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4 – Email Templates

It’s annoying that there isn’t a universal name for this feature across platforms, but it is an immensely useful one nonetheless.

Do you send the same repetitive sales emails over and over again? Maybe you’d prefer to tweak and tailor the contents, but you’re not comfortable sending via automation? If that’s the case, Email Templates are a super useful feature in Pipedrive. 

You can create all the different types of emails you regularly send to your leads, and use Placeholders which will update the email with the personalised information held for that lead. 

So for example, if your business sells office space you may have a custom field for your specific products or location. You can place this into the template, and Pipedrive will automatically update the email with the information. 

This is not only time-saving, it also allows your sales communications to align and ensure consistency with wider company communications.

5 – The Pipeline 

Saving the best for last, the Deal Pipeline in Pipedrive is the best we’ve seen. It uses a Kanban view, which is a visual drag and drop view of all your opportunities. 

This feature always proves incredibly popular with clients who are new to Pipedrive. Split into vertical pipeline stages which you can customise yourself, when you change the Deal stage, the pipeline will automatically update the projected Deal value based on the probability you’ve set. 

You can also use these stages to manage your operational requirements to deliver a Deal once signed. And again, the great universal filtering system in Pipedrive allows you to slice and dice your Deals any way you want. 

We could go on all day about the other things we love about Pipedrive, but all in all, the simplicity across all its features makes it a fantastic, user-friendly tool. In some cases (like automation) it’s actually a little too simple for the more advanced stuff we do – but we’re in the minority. 

If Pipedrive is a tool you’re considering or you’d like to find out more, why not book a 45 minute Discovery session with us? Together, we’ll figure out whether it’s a suitable tool for your business needs.