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At Bright Dials, sometimes we work with businesses that really struggle to understand what they need from a CRM.

For those who work with CRMs and automation day in, day out, this may seem obvious. But for those who are new to the concept, or are yet to buy in, using a CRM can be overwhelming to get their head around.

This is a conversation I have had many a time. And over the years I have come up with an analogy that seems to work. And makes the idea of a CRM click for any business.

And the key to this analogy may surprise you. 


So, if you and your business are unsure about how to choose the best CRM for your business, here’s a little trick. Think of it as buying a car. Here are some of the analogies to think about:

Car: How much space do you need in your boot for storage? 

CRM: Do you have enough capacity in your CRM to add new users, store data or send emails?


Car: What kind of fuel do you use? E10 or dirty diesel? Hopefully not pink and illegal? 

CRM: What kind of data do you put into your CRM? Is it clean and opted in?


Car: Have you got enough seats in your car?

CRM: How many users will access your CRM? Will you add more users in the future? How much will this cost?


Car:  Are your lights clean? Can you see the road ahead?

CRM: Can you see what you need when using your CRM? Will your CRM carry your business forward?


Car: How often will you need to change the oil?

CRM: How often do you clean the data in your CRM? How well does your platform help with list hygiene?


Car: How long do you wait for roadside assistance?

CRM: How does your CRM platform support your business? Do they provide ongoing strategy, services and support?


Car: Do you really need the expensive features?

CRM: Do you really need advanced CRM features? Or will you end up paying for and not using them?


If you have these problems with your CRM (not your car!) then book in for a free consultation call so we can understand your needs and guide you in the right direction.