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At Bright Dials we have been working on an exciting project with Psydro for the past 10 months – building a completely bespoke, automated communications programme from the ground up.

Psydro is a UK-based start-up that offers the world’s first social review platform. One that has been meticulously designed to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions, whilst offering some of the best and biggest discounts online.

How the collaboration began

This project has been a successful collaborative process. All thanks to the NatWest Accelerator Programme, which is where I originally met Ben Bennett, the founder and Managing Partner of Second Voice.

After working with Psydro as an external consultant to design a business growth strategy, Ben was quick to recommend Bright Dials for the next stage of the project.

At Bright Dials we have extensive experience with CRM and automations, taking current data sources as a starting point to identify where responsive, data-generated processes attract the hottest leads to businesses and accelerate the sales cycle.

So we were a perfect fit to help Psydro attract, acquire, and engage with customers. Whilst also supporting Psydro’s growth during tough times. 

The results

Since then we have built a completely bespoke, automated communications programme from the ground up. Designing and building a new CRM system with sophisticated workflows that encourage leads to engage and sign up, as well as upsell from the different packages that Psydro has to offer.

After 6-8 months of working together, Psydro has undergone a massive transition towards becoming a fully self-serving SaaS platform.

A Bright Dials success

For Bright Dials, this has been an excellent project to be involved in. And one that has helped to grow the Bright Dials business even further.

As we specialise in supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups in the tech and SaaS industry to scale their business, Psydro was immediately a perfect fit for us.

We were able to bring to the project our skills in CRM integration, campaign attribution, lead management, and team alignment. All whilst supporting an exciting start-up business. 

Additionally, we were able to hire a great project manager who has been instrumental in getting projects over the line. Alongside a fantastic CRM specialist too. These new hires have enabled us to embed new processes into the business that can be utilised to deliver even bigger projects in the future. 

Sounds interesting?

If you are a SaaS or tech start-up dealing with similar challenges, then get in touch.

You can book a free 45-minute consultation call where we can chat through your current goals and challenges, and how we can help. 


Our photography was produced by Tabatha Fireman a fellow Entrepreneur also on the NatWest Accelerator programme. Tabatha runs Female Perspective, a photo agency representing women photographers. Soon launching new brand ShotByWomen, an image library for the purpose of licence and distribution of content created exclusively by women photographers from around the world.